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We're here for you through the highs and lows of planning your wedding amid this crazy pandemic. For more information about how your team at Eventfully Yours is responding, and up to date on information as it pertains to your state about gatherings, please click below.

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There are so many options and opinions out there for planning your big day, so why are we the perfect fit?


Having a wedding planner is one of the best choices you can make for your guests (and yourself) when planning a wedding. When one brought a pineapple to your table throughout the ages, it was a way to show guests they would be taken care of in every way. When you invite us to your party, we make sure the same things happen. Did you know that pineapples have been used to bridge gaps between families coming together in marriage for the first time? A little sweetness goes a long way to show your friends and family the best time possible. Do it by bringing on a team that believes in true hospitality and loving attitude.

Also like a pineapple, it took many years to perfect our craft. Decades of experience combined made us the uncommon set of gifted skills we are today.  No certification program could have prepared us for what we know. That’s how our skills  become coveted and one of a kind.  We have helped start new traditions and carry on the favorites, just like our pineapple.  So let’s tell a story, about a moment in time when you fell madly in love.  Let us be like the sea captain that spiked a pineapple on gatepost, that was the sign for everyone to gather and hear all about the story of travels, findings of new things and of course, the stories of love. 

So we hope that when you see a pineapple from now on, you will smile and think of fond memories, warm hugs and the next time that you get to gather with your favorite people, you bring something with pineapple.


One of the more important details of the day by most people’s standards, BUT who says you need to have a traditional sit down meal or even a conventional caterer? We LOVE when clients tell us that they “just want to party!"  While that definition is different to everyone, we want to hear all about your version, so we can bring you the perfect vendors to make that happen. We not only have a stacked deck to deal out the winning hand of vendors, but we also provide service staff as well - so if your MUST HAVES are late night pizza & s’mores, we've got you!


Complementary to the all important food category, we like to kick things up a notch! There's few worse thoughts than not having something for everyone, even for the pickiest of guests - Let’s do a brunch buffet with a juice bar, or maybe let us spice up that Food truck deliciousness with a signature iced tea selection, or go all out with a full bar! Did we even need to go there and tell you we do that too? We are here for you on all your hospitality needs! 


So you say you need help with all other things wedding too? Well, just get started with your info in the form below and we can get started on making your special day come to life! 

Hey There!

We know what it’s like.

You just want someone to take your hours worth of wedding Pinterest boards and google searches, and bring them to life. You are overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start. You’re in luck! You have found a team that will take care of you like family, your bride tribe! We pride ourselves on our hands on approach. No detail is too small. We are here to help you get hitched without a hitch. So take a deep breath and relax, Eventfully Yours has your back!

From Our Clients!

Kevin & Emily

"Cannot recommend Ashley and her team enough. My wife and I were two very hands-on wedding planners and found Ashley as we were looking for a bartender. She quickly turned into our day-of coordinator and all-around keeper of sanity. We wanted all of the control but Ashley understood exactly where holes would be and always had an answer/solution for us. The ultimate curve ball came when a day long storm rolled in and threw all of our planning for a loop. As usual, Ashley had it all under control and still had everything running smoothly. Thank you, Ashley!"

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