Extra Ordinary Events

We know what you’re looking for.

Someone who can take care of your guests like they are part of the family, one of the gals or an important business partner, just like you would. 


When you entertain, we know how important it is to get things just right. Sometimes that means making the dirtiest martini possible and other times, well, that means crustless jelly sandwiches for the pickiest member for the party. 

No matter why you’re gathering together, we have your back! 

  • Decades of Experience

    • This is our livelihood and what we do. We don’t moonlight as event planners - we live, eat, breathe, and drink event planning. We pin for fun just like you - and dream peacefully about the best favors and centerpieces and how to incorporate the PANTONE color of the year.

  • Unparalleled Skillset 

    • Our skills are incredibly complimentary. We’re like Event Avengers or something. One of us knows how to use a paperclip to pick a lock - and another one of us makes an incredible apple pie. We have both the skills necessary and unnecessary to blow you away on your big day. 


So, you have probably been served by a server or bartender before, but what we do is a little bit different.

We call it a "Hostess"

It’s less about what we call it and more about how awesome he or she can make your next event! So you know we can serve food and mix drinks but what else does a Hostess do? 

Curates a menu for a home shopper to purchase for the hostess to set up,

including charcuterie and hot hors d'oeuvres OR connects with catering and makes final arrangements for delivery or pick up.

Works with the client to make a beverage menu (this can include working from your in home or office collection). We can arrange to supply all the mixers & garnishes needed (including ICE!)

Provides rental items needed for entertaining (Bar, Food Service)

Picks up catering, cake, flowers or other local items needed for events. 

Consult about event flow & set up 

Set up, manage & clean up event space


Work with us to confirm your needed staff. We believe this first step ensures you're taken care of from A to Z in the process.


We work together to plan your menus. We can work with special requests!

Enjoy Your Party

Does this even need any caption!?

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