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About Ashley 

Always on the move, Ashley never seems to be in the same spot for long.  Whether it be traveling New England beaches or leaving mints by the front door,this woman is always two steps ahead.  Following the path most traveled was not for Ashley.  After a decade spent in hospitality, gaining skills and using working knowledge to learn about all things entertaining, Ashley decided to open Eventfully Yours.  With a kind way and relentless ambition, Ashley knew she could accomplish providing every guest with outstanding service while providing a creative and immersive environment that was unique to every event. 

When not working, Ashley enjoys enjoys exploring New England with her beau, Damien.  Favorites places include river swimming in Vermont, chocolate shops in Maine and haunted houses in New Hampshire.  When wedding season permits, Ashley is also an avid softball player and often is found with the sun setting, glove still in hand.  

"Forget not the the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair"